Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by…The Broke and the Bookish!

Here are my picks for Most Vivid Book Worlds/Settings:

1. Everywhere Harry Potter goes

Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, 12 Grimmauld, The Burrow, all of it.


2. The Shire

I’m determined to live in a Baggins-esque earth home one day.


3. Panem

THE CAPITOL. Ra ra ra ah ah ro ma ro ma ma:


4. Narnia

tibby's quotes.

…said no one ever


5. The Emerald City


During tornadoes I cross my fingers that I’ll get swooped up to the land of Oz. I mean, don’t you? (Humor me?)

6. Green Gables

I melt a little every time I read about Lover’s Lane, Willowmere, Violet Vale, and Birch Path.


7. Neverland

Yup, I’d rather be at Mermaid Lagoon.


8. Hundred Acre Wood

that moment where I realize I’m quickly regressing


9. Whoville

+ everything else Dr. Seuss ever did

P.S. What happened to Taylor Momsen?


10. Wonderland

because where else can you find a hookah-smoking caterpillar?


**As a general rule of thumb, any book that contains maps is probably gonna be off the Richter amazebeans**