Like most 90s children, I thought a part of my soul was put in a horcrux died after finishing the Harry Potter series. I suppose that’s expected after you spend half of your life anticipating the release of the next book. It took me a few years to read another YA book. Tragic, right? It started with the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson and everything Sarah Dessen and Richelle Mead and rereading Lemony Snicket and Narnia. Maddy, step away from the YA section. (Don’t worry, I didn’t tap into my Judy Blume collection.)

Then I turned 24 and thought why stop now? That’s when I found Fledging: Jason Steed by Mark A. Cooper at my local library. I had read great great great reviews on Goodreads and have been wanting to read it for months (months!) with no luck finding it in any bookstores. So I read it, today, and loved it.

From the back o’ the book:

“Jason Steed is just like any other kid…except that he’s a martial arts expert, skilled pilot, and a member of an elite British military group called the Sea Cadets. When a routine training exercise goes terribly wrong, Jason finds himself in the middle of a deadly secret mission. Can he use his expertise to help stop a nuclear war?”

After reading so many YA books with werewolves and vampires and what not, it’s so refreshing to read about a superhero human kid who doesn’t have supernatural powers (did I just say that?). But seriously, I was on the edge of my seat. Jason Steed is one tenacious 11-year-old spy. The story is original, moving, and action-packed with good twists. It’s a tale of adventure, friendship, bravery, and loyalty. There’s even a little love story! Two thumbs up.

approved by Wills


Any other shameless YA addicts out there? Come forth. Tell me what to read next.