The world is all a-buzz re: Pixar’s latest installment of wizardry, Brave, which opens in theaters on 6/22. Most famous for their imaginative shorts (Boundin’, anyone?) and a string of success thanks to Wall E, Up, and the Toy Story franchise, Pixar had yet to produce a film with a female protagonist until now, a striking contrast to the many princess-centered films of Disney. This story is an original Pixar fairytale, though the plot is reminiscent of Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm Brothers stories. Brave takes place in the Highlands of Scotland, replete with epic battles and folklore and a curse and a witch and a not-so-average princess named Merida, a fiery-haired, skilled archer who–I surmise–will save the day. With her bravery.
















Merida debuted at Walt Disney World today, usurping Rapunzel’s kingdom in Fantasyland (fear not, she’s moving to the Town Square courtyard!). The former Tangled landscape has been transformed into the Scottish Highlands.














Hop over here for an entire Brave portal including videos and photo gallery.

Who’s going opening night? Has anyone been to the meet-and-greet? Anyone taking up archery? I want to hear about it, do tell!

Happy May Day!